Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Howdy kats and kittens!!

Whaddup yos!!!!

Back in foggy ol Iowa ready to take on a new year! I am rather swamped at work with a few projects - and I want to read through last weeks blog-0-rama.

Look for pics and stories throughout the week.

Carry on my wayward sons!



Kern said...

Sweet mother of God! Now my week has some purpose. Our office is bloody dead at the moment.

Jed-Don't forget to peruse my blog also, there was at least one gem. And the stuff at Tiny Mix Tapes. Yeah.

Glad to see you back, my man.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Looks like the Fino had a good time, funnin and sunnin.....

Glad to have you back.


Damfino said...

The post trip - omygodthisstateiscoldandcrappypleaseletme dieinmysleep - depression is beginning to set in.

I am anxious to run about and go find new things to play with (control the filth on that).

Work is tedious... no one is here.

Alcohol anyone?

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

At least you didn't get crabs on your trip....i know they make you break out in hives...but the metled butter is tasty.


ps: booze good.

Kern said...

I got a bottle of scotch for Christmas. Anyone want a dram?

FlopTheNuts said...

Welcome back to the States, mate!

Speaking of mate, any "luck" on the trip *nudge, nudge* *wink, wink*?

Yeah, I'm bored...

What's better than having to be back at work today? Your S.O. (wife, girlfriend, hooker) NOT having to work this week! Is it wrong to want to kill one of your wife's coworkers so you can take his/her job (and thus have the same time off as your wife)? :)

Kern said...

Flop-Not at all, my man. Not at all.

By the way, I keep meaning to ask you a question about Hard Drive formatting but I keep forgetting to send the e-mail.

If I have a partioned hard drive, and C: is really tiny and only contains a couple of things plus the OS, what would happen if I added a new, bigger hard drive? I kind of don't like having the OS on a partition that small, because there are certain programs that only work when on the same hard drive as the OS. Suggestions?

FlopTheNuts said...

Yo, Kern!

The short answer: basically, nothing - you'd have a new hard drive that you could fill with music, porn, DVD rips, porn, old e-mail, porn, and porn.

Let's say for example's sake you currently have only 1 HD in 2 partitions. (1, 2, 3, "You currently have only 1 HD in 2 partitions." Ahem. :) ) If you add another HD, you'd have 2 HDs, the first (the current, original drive, HD1) still with the same 2 partitions, and the second (HD2) with however many partitions you divide it into. Since one of the goals is to have a bigger partition for the OS, you'd have to backup whatever possible from HD1, then use some tool or combination of tools to "restructure" the partitions on HD1. You could have HD1 as only 1 partition or resize the OS partition of HD1 so it's bigger (and, thus, the other partition on HD1 would be smaller). Either Partition Magic or Partition Commander could be used and would be the easiest way to make the above described scenario real.

In your current setup, is there any piece of software not installed to C:\Program Files? If not, it would be much easier to do what you want. If so, you should uninstall whatever isn't installed to C:\Program Files before doing any restructuring and/or resizing.

I'll bet everyone was asleep at "Let's say for example's sake ..." :)

Damfino said...

I am going to avoid the entire convo and say... Good to hear from you Nuts! Hope you had an amazing Christmas with the fam (Kreitner ran through some of the swank that he attained - sounds like the gifts were gold this year!!).

The trip was awesome... but I know I am never going to miss Christmas again!!! I was watching It's a Wonderful Life until midnight then I jumped up and down on Hol & Dan's bed singing "We wish you a merry Christmas" and hitting my head on the ceiling. Lyndsey was supposed to help but she passed out before George Bailey got his wish of never being born!

I will avoid the geek speek.

Kern said...

Flop-I think the software for my Digital camera and my itunes are under C: program files. Should I just install the new HD with a clean install of Win2K on it and then copy the other stuff after that? And if so, how should I do it?

Kern said...

Sorry Fino, didn't mean to turn the comments section into a ghost town. I was just about the upgrade the computer with Christmas dough, and thought I might get some expert advice.

FlopTheNuts said...

The clean install would be *my* preferred choice.

However, there are other factors to be considered. (Of course...)

What is the max throughput of the IDE channels on your mobo? (ATA-100, ATA-133, ATA-66?) If your current HD is at that level or better (ATA-100 mobo with ATA-100 or ATA-133 HD), you could still use your current HD as your OS drive. That way, your new, bigger HDD would be a data-only HD, and if/when you upgrade, the data-only drive could go wherever you want. If your current HD isn't using your IDE channel to its full capacity (ATA-66 HD on ATA-100 IDE channel), and the new drive is at or better than the mobo ATA "level" (ATA-133 or ATA-100 HD on ATA-100 IDE channel), then you should use the new HD, as you would (should) see a decent bit of performance gain. (Certainly you'd see more of a performance gain using an ATA-100 HD instead of an ATA-66 HD on a ATA-100 channel vs. using a new ATA-100 HD instead of an older ATA-100 HD on an ATA-100 channel...)

If throughput isn't an issue, then if you have the time, I'd suggest a clean install on one of the HDs. If you use the new HD, what would happen to the old one? Slave as a backup or data drive? Part for another PC? Paperweight?

If you have a 30GB or even 20GB HD, that should be more than enough for Windows and applications, and keep the data on a different HD.

It's all about making the best-performing PC with what you have! :)

Kern said...

Flop-See I am going to most likely take your advice and get a new socket 734 mobo from Abit. So I'm not sure about all the throughput and stuff. My old drive is 30 GB, and it's mostly full of music, minus the tiny amount of space I have the OS on. I guess I could just use partition magic or something to redo the one on the old drive and move all the data over to the new one. Unless you think I would gain better performance from putting the OS on the new one. I think I may just do the path of least resistance and keep the OS on the old one.

Kern said...

Shifting gears from the computer if I may, Jed, do the guys at your place enjoy pastry? I know that seems like an odd question, but if the answer is yes, I might be sending you something.

FlopTheNuts said...

Hmmmm... You *might* gain better performance by putting the OS on the new drive. I would imagine the mobo you'll get will be at least ATA-100. I'd bet your 30GB is ATA-66. But, that performance hit might be shadowed by having a new mobo, CPU, and having more RAM than you do now. (I don't remember if you said you were going to upgrade RAM as well as mobo and CPU.)

It certainly would be easier to keep the OS on your 30GB drive, though.

Kern said...

Flop-So what happens if I install my OS on the big drive with the OS already on the smaller drive?

FlopTheNuts said...

If you make the big drive the primary master (and make the smaller drive the primary slave, secondary master, or secondary slave) then install the OS on the big drive, you'd have a normal working system. (That's also if your BIOS is set to boot primary master as the first IDE boot device...) You'd still have Windows data/files on the smaller drive, but it wouldn't interfere with Windows on the big drive, and you wouldn't get a choice of 2 Windows instances when starting up (and that's good - you don't want that choice to be there).

Then, once you're happy with everything (all software reinstalled, settings set how you like them), you can backup anything you want from the smaller drive and do whatever you want with it (format it, take it out, use it for a holding/staging drive, etc.).