Monday, November 14, 2005


As many know, we saw some major Tornados on Saturday. Some even ripped through my home town of Minburn (we lost an entire building of Hogs... carcasses ended up on the Minnesota border!

Check out these links for amazing images and videos.

aerial images

storm images


Kern said...

Yikes. The twisters actually made the news up here. They had some footage on the news this morning from Woodward where a whole neighborhood got leveled.

The only thing remotely that frightening here was the Earthquake back in 2001, but other than that...

Damfino said...

Dude, the footage from Woodward... the tornado less than a block away... the guy who shot it went to high school with me and Stevens (Hol too).

Idiot stood right next to the thing... closest footage ever of a tornado!

Kern said...

Yeah, I kind of didn't think it was the wisest move I had ever seen. But it does however call to mind one of the funniest things I've seen on TV.

There was some guy outside on his porch in the middle of a severe lightning storm on his porch narrating his little "documentary" about the storm with his elderly mom telling him he should come in the house. He got all indignant and manly with her about how he was fine and she should just leave him along. Well, there was metal in the overhang right above him, and lightning stuck it, sending off a flurry of sparks and a big flash of light. He yelped like a little girl and ran into the house crying to his mother-literally.

Bloody gold!

krysta jo said...

My parents were really close to where it hit and also a lot of my friends live in Stratford -- the now forgotten town hit by a tornado.

Kern said...

Natural disasters scare the hell out of me, quite honestly. I'd be cowering in a basement if at all possible. Unless it were an earthquake. Then I'd be getting the hell out of whatever building I was in.