Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I just watched the new "Jesus of Suburbia" video that was produced - it is a 12 minute steaming pile! It is completely atrocious... devoid of any interesting visuals... filled with f-bomb laiden stupid dialogue... and it really the biggest disappointment this side of "The Evening Star!"

The director is a steroid pumping jack ass named Samuel Bayer - he has directed every video for Green Day off the American Idiot album. Green Day has never had the best videos ever - and "American Idiot," the first single, was a mediocre video at best. But who knew that was to be the highlight of the bunch. "Boulevard"... "Holiday"... "September Ends"... all crap... but this new one... this is the above all worst thing I have ever seen. Bayer needs to be destroyed... he needs to be dragged through the streets and beaten... and then forced to apologize to each and every Green Day fan for single handedly destroying their best work.

Then we should f*cking kill him.


Go puke puke for yerself


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Kern said...

So how do you really feel about it?

I'm kind of curious as to what Deit's response is going to be.

Sam Bayer also did the Smells Like Teen Spirit video many moons ago. I think he also did that new commercial about the NHL that got everyone's underthings in an uproar.

I won't make any cheap shots about Green Day's music as I know Jed enjoys them, but I don't think they are really known as a band with a penchant for amazing visual savvy or anything.