Monday, November 21, 2005

I slept through Voldemort!

Dude! What a weekend!!!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire took over our lives this past weekend. The Kreitner crew made the trip to Des Moines to celebrate the new movie opening... and to take part in a semi-Thanksgiving/ Potter Feast!!!

Drea did a helluva job of making my house into a fun filled land of Butter Beer, Wizardry hats and sugary sweets (and a few boogie beans!). The crew inhaled a meal of a 21 lb Turkey, a roasted chicken, a perfect roast - and loads of side dishes. Whilst cooking we viewed each of the previous films - then after dinner, ran out to see Goblet... which turned out to be amazing!!!

Another mind blowing weekend with very good friends... oh, and sorry about the gin-less Tom Collins. Oops.


The fabulous Buttercup - her magical hat - and her man thing.

Jenni, Jed, and Josh add a little magic of their own to the wands (er wait, Josh fears paint - I am not sure what he is doing).

Kreitner - covered by two dementors!

Devin enjoys some enchanted tea...

Dev made this cool Potter pie - made with real midget blood!

Jenni shows off her streamer talents!

Jed continues to be a poser.

Caleb's wizzardry talents are shown as he starts a fire (lookit that cool Potter scar!!!).

This is my bird, Taintscrubber, and Jen's bird, Greenewith-Envy.

Those are snitches - I will take full credit on those!!!

The Sheriff carves Tommy, our lovely turkey.

The feast begins!!!!

I live for weekends like this - sad to see the Kreitner's leave again... but I always look forward to another journey with them - the next one has a lot to live up to.


P.S. Jenni slept through half of Goblet of Fire - and even missed the pinacle Voldemort scene... hee hee.


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


The movie, the food, the friends...what a weekend.

Good times were had by all. If you look closely at Buttercup in our 1st pic you might think that she was really Peter Petigrue...check the hands!

Bring on the DVD!!!!! Perhaps the Kreitners may have to host a home theatrer DVD party for that one!

Bunny Out

Damfino said...

Screw the DVD - I am gonna see it again in the theater!!!

What a weekend... just need more sleep.

FlopTheNuts said...

WOW!! Just wow! To *everything* - good looking food; great wardrobe; WAY COOL snitches, Jed!; and, the best: Taintscrubber! ROFL!

Mother and Father McCabe wish they could've made it, but we would've had to have had someone watch Baby McCabe (just not old enough yet to see the Potter's), and we were already booked to visit Grandpa Don this weekend. Pretty good visit, though.

Good stuff. We'll have to host something in MI sometime soon.

krysta jo said...

Looks fun --- wish I could have made it - nice decorations!!

Kern said...

Holy shit, guys! That looked amazing...I truly wish I had been there to partake in all of the magic(literal and figurative).

In any case, I have a question. What was in the "butterbeer"?

Congrats on a very imaginative and cool looking party.

PS-The word verification today almost resembles a gross word. Mine was bcnakkji, which I am guessing is a less popular and potentially more disgusting form of bukkake.

Alright, got the gross comment out of my system for the week. Have a good one.

Damfino said...

Drea told me this!

1 gallon of Apple cider
1 stick of butter
1 pint of vanilla ice cream
1 small tub of whipped topping
Ground cloves
Butterscotch Schnapps

Melt butter and add cinnamon and ground cloves. Add vanilla ice cream.
Wait until ice cream has melted. Add Whipped topping. Wait until
all has
melted. Slowly add the gallon of cider and Butterscotch Schnapps.

You can either serve hot or cold.

Kern said...

Sounds pretty awesome to me. I generally don't drink schnapps, but since it's a theme drink I would totally do it.

Good recipe BC! I will have to convince people to make some with me when I go home this weekend.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm damned glad this is a short week!