Tuesday, November 29, 2005

B-day shots!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Today is our own Krysta Jo's birthday. She turns a whopping 27 today!!!!!!

We will need the wonky-eyed princess to tell us all that she has planned for the big day - I am sure Mr. Dan has arranged something marvelous for her.




Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope Mr. Dan a/k/a "The Firehose", gives ya the good stuff 2nite!

bunny out

ps: don't say it buttercup...Inappropriate!

krysta jo said...


Gee Thanks Jed!!

Thanks Sheriff.

Actually tonight (because I am uber exciting) I am going to class and then going home to bed.

ps...those of us enjoying the winter weather...you should know that I am the princess of snowstorms on/about November 29. You can thank me later.

Buttercup said...

Happpppyyyyy Birrrffffdaaaaay!!!
Yes please do share all the fun stuff you are going to do today.

Now Sherriff......why is everything with you boys so sexual. I couldn't open the blog yesterday because of Lala eewwwwe

Damfino said...

KJ - you are heading out to do anything exciting?!?!? Your mamma is not taking you out?

Why are you the queen of snowstorms?

Drea - show some Lala love... it doesn't hurt... and it would do you some good to experiment a little.

krysta jo said...

My mama is at home because of bad weather but also because I have a lunch meeting from 12-3 today for work. I am working from 8-5 and then class from 5-8ish and then home. I may finish off the half bottle of wine that's in my fridge when I get home because my homework is almost all finished for the whole semester.

Every year (nearly) on or near my brithday there is some type of inclimate weather. I never got to have birthday parties because they were always cancelled due to weather. I'm not the QUEEN, I am the princess!

Damfino said...

Wonky as you may be.

That sucks... birthday parties are a must. Tell your man to get on it and have one for you!!!

krysta jo said...

I'm having dinner with the 'rents tomorrow night so that's my big bday party. :)

Kern said...

Happy Birthday, KJ!

There is inclement weather here as well, so you're Queen of the Weather whose rule stretches beyond the Midwest.

Hope you have a good one. I turn 27 myself in a few weeks so I feel your pain.

Damfino said...

When is your b-day Kern?

When is Matt's?

krysta jo said...

There's no pain - there's just not much excitement either. I almost forgot when I woke up this morning.

Kern said...

My birthday is December 19th.

Senor Johnson's is February 20th.

Kern said...

By the by, was I the only one who had trouble with the download of Tiki Bar Bonus materials? I got most of them, but my iTunes seemed to not want to run the last third of it.

When I saw LaLa I must admit, I wanted to Smurfit.