Thursday, November 10, 2005

Aronofsky returns!

Darren Aronofsky is the director of Pi and Requeim for a Dream - he had been circling the Batman Begins project for years, before Nolan took it over. Aronofsky has been missing for years - but has finally arrived with the new trailer for his film of "The Fountain."

The film stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiz and I have no idea what it is about.. the trailer eludes to 3 tales of love and a journey towards... something. Anyway, the trailer is amazing. No dialogue... no overwrought movie guy voice... just simply words on the screen and emblamatic images! Very Eyes Wide Shut... without the Chris Isaak tune.

The trailer makes use of identical movement and image space to demonstrate theme... not exactly the most mind blowing concept... but it has an impact that is undeniable!

2nd tilt to image.

3rd and most fascinating...

A similar theme with Hugh close ups

... and an interesting shave for him.

The final image of the trailer is quite impressive... go watch it a few times... it is nice to see a director who can be blantantly artistic get tossed this kind of money and talent! I am excited.

Mac users will be fine - Windows...good luck with viewing the HD version (LOSERS!!!)



Kern said...

I will have to wait until I get home to view this. The computers here at work are very anti-Quicktime for some sick reason. Most likely to keep us from watching movie trailers.

I am also excited to see the Aranofsky penned graphic novel that accompanies the film. It's illustrated by Kent Williams, whose art is always interesting if not usually my cup of tea. He seems well suited to this project though, so it might be cool.

Damfino said...

Speaking of comics - I just found out last night that Stephen King is writing The Dark Tower series as a comic for Marvel - Jae Lee is doing the art. More adventures of Roland...

Kern said...

Yeah, I had heard that. The preview art is insanely good, too.

FlopTheNuts said...

Au contraire, 'Fino - Quicktime 7 for Windows will do 'er! (HD viewing, that is.)

Kern said...

Hey Flop!

Damfino said...

Note that Flop did not say he viewed it - I don't believe him... Windows won't play it.

(that is a throw down from me to you Nutflopper)


Kern said...

(Cue Morricone Western music)

FlopTheNuts said...

Whaddup, Kern?!

'Fino: you are correct - I have not viewed it YET. I'll try from home later this evening.

Then, after I have my proof, OH, IT'S ON!!! :) (Pan out to Flop sitting at his desk, looking skyward, then praying: "Please, please, PLEASE, PUHLEEEEEEEEEEESE, dear God let it work on one of my home PCs!" :) )

Quicktime 7 for Windows was just release out of beta what, like 4 or 5 weeks ago?

I'll let you know after the testing...

Damfino said...

You brought one too many horses there Flop - waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa.... waaaaa

(that is harmonica music for those of you who are wondering what the hell is going on... kern gets it)

I am actually pissed with Apple right now... I use Compressor for my MPEG 2 encoding needs - and it has starting leaving artifacts throughout dissolves... I have messed with the bit rates - dealing with particles and crap left on lower thirds... but nothing is coming out perfect (or normal as it should be said).

Checked some of the forums - since the last update, Compressor has had some problems... so I am currently using Vegas (a windows based program) to encode.


Kern said...

I think I just got the new Windows version of QT when I got the new version of Itunes. I'll check as well.

Flop: I'm pretty excited about the prospect of upgrading my machine. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks for the tip on the Abit, too. I've had ECS mobos for the last two machines and they were always relatively decent and cheap so I rolled with them.

I have a question for you sometime when you've got more time to answer.

Kern said...

Jed's having to use a windows based program?

Gasp! The horror! The horror!

Damfino said...

Happens more often than it should.

Kern said...

I am kind of surprised about that, honestly. I don't mean that in a sarcastic or snarky way, either.

In general, I still hear a lot less complaints about Macs overall to be sure.

FlopTheNuts said...

Kern, yep, you should have some version of QT 7 with iTunes 6.

Glad to hear your gigged about the upgrade! How could you not be with the coming of more power and faster operating?! :)

I really do hope you like the Abit, and that you notice an improvement (performance, stabililty, features, etc.) when compared to ECS. Again, not that ECS is horrible, there are just others ahead of them on my list. (Then again, if you've had ECS mobos before and have been happy, there's nothing wrong with that!)

Oooo, the suspense of your impending question is killing me!! Thanks for saving until later, though - I am busy and should be working right now!

Kern said...

Flop: Perhaps Jed might float me your e-mail. That way I can outline the question and you could answer at your convenience. What do you think?

FlopTheNuts said...

Sure, I have no problem with that!!

Jed, when you get a chance, could you please forward Kern my e-mail address? (The one starting bry, not bmc.) Thanks!

Kern said...

Excellent! Thanks guys!