Monday, October 31, 2005

F*CK Motel 6

BC and I were planning on leaving the two girls (see exhibt A)

with our usuall dog sitting lady while we were in Chicago this weekend. However, she was out of town so we decided to take them with us. We had booked a room for 2 nights at the Motel 6 in Joliet because they have reasonable rates and per their web site they are "pet friendly". So we plunked down our $97.50 and got a double room for Friday and Saturday. We arrived at the Hotel at 1:30pm on Friday and checked in without incident. The desk kid was very nice but had B.O. and looked like he had had a long night. No big deal. We mosey up to the room and it is clean and workable. We hang out and wait for the evening event to arrive. I watched the Chicago White Sox World Series rally on TV and the girls slept on the bed with me. Buttercup was off spending time with her cuttie pie niece Ella Pearl. (See pics prievious posts) Our room is right by the emergency exit stairwell so we do not have people on all sides. I figure they put the dog people away from the middle rooms to keep complaints down if the dogs began to bark. During the afternoon on Fri I do hear dogs barking down the hall but don't even think to complain since we have dogs too and it wasn't that loud to me.

We leave for the shuttle bus to the wedding at about 5:45pm and leave the dogs behind. We arrive back at the hotel about 12:45am on Sat and our keys don't work in the lock. I make the trip to the front desk and encounter the "Night guy" manager. (More about this puke soon)I tell him in my best half drunk voice that our keys don't work and ask him to fix them. He agrees and from behind the bullet proof window (like at the teller window at the Payday Check Store) takes my keys and re-codes them. Minor pain but no big deal....hey it's Motel 6 not the Ritz.

So, Sat am and the sheriff has a little of the Gin and Tonic flu....after a trip for breakfast that came up 25 min. after consumption I hunkered down in the room for the remainder of the day locked in mortal combat with my headache and lack of energy. The dogs were with me the whole day and nary a bark. However, the dogs of Friday afternoon were back at their bark opera and were at it for most of the day. My phone rang once in the afternoon but after three hellos on my part the party on the other end hung up.

Sat evening we leave to go the costume party at 7:30pm. Dogs in their diapers for another fun evening at the motel. We get back to the room at 12:30pm and our keys once again don't work...becoming more of a PITA...I go back down to the lobby and see a gentleman in a rent-a-cop uniform sitting in the biggy...I ask Senior Dipshit to once again re-code my keys and tell him that I am in Room 221. He says to me, "Oh, you are being kicked out of the hotel because your dogs were barking all day...the security guard will escort you up to your room so you can get your stuff!" I being about as shocked as I can be say, "what?" I was in my room all day and our dogs were not barking. However, the dogs down our hall were loud all day...did you try to call our room or knock on our door to see if it was us?" Dipshit responds..."I called several times and you were ignoring my can either leave now or I can call the police and they can escort you out!" I as calmly as I can speak, "well then I would like a refund for the night." And was responded to by "There will be no refund."

So, I was escorted up to my room by the rent-a-cop who tells me as we are walking that the night guy is a real "dick". We get to the outside of our room door and there is no noise comming from inside. No barking..nada....just like there wasn't the night before. Tulip and Lilly are excited to see us and Lilly goes into the hall to sniff the rent-a-cop. I proclaim that these are the monsters that have conspired to have us kicked out of the hotel. Rent-a-cop laughs at the absurdity of the events. Drea and I load up the car and drive home..leaving our hotel at 1:15am and arriving home at 4am.

I am currently drafting a letter to the President/CEO of Motel 6 on my legal office letterhead outlining the wonderfull experience I had at his pet friendly motel and informing him of the qualtiy people he has working for his fine company. I have experienced some strange events in my lifetime but to be kicked out of a hotel at fucking 1:15am in the morning is absurd. Especially because all dipshit needed to do to get the correct room number was to get off his fat ass and walk up one flight of stairs and walk down the hall to hear who was actually making all the noise. A knock on the door goes along way dumbass.

This is my tale of woe. Needless to say unless some major tainlicking is done by said company I will never be spending my hard earned money there again and will encourage all I know the follow suit. More to come when or if I receive and answer to my "fan mail".

bunny out


Kern said...

I rarely need to stay in a motel, even for mere hours at a time, but after the Sheriff's story, you can bet it will not be at a fucking Motel 6.

If Motel 6 were a man, I would kick him in the junk as hard as I could.

Go Sheriff!

Damfino said...

Greg - it is obvious this is more about a man being threatened by another man's masculinity than it is about dogs barking.

When you came down the previous night - you accidently put off the "suck my nut" vibe to the night desk tool. The night desk tool, using being a very strong heterosexual, was shocked by his desire to rub lotion on your brazen skull and whisper sweet nothings in your ear... so shocked, that he immediately decided to harm you to ward off his odd sexual desires.

Thus - knowing you had pets - used this as a cover to release his pent up homosexual needs by latently displacing them through his cruel actions....

and he wanted to see how you would handle the anger... its what turned him on.

If you would reign in some of that king spunk persona... perhaps these things would not occur.

My apologies to all who dislike spunk.

Damfino said...

Spunk and Junk... Kern and I think alike.

FlopTheNuts said...

Aw, man - I was expecting to see a photocopy of the letter! Actually, if you can (legally) and feel comfortable doing so, please do photocopy your letter after it's written and post. I want to be impressed by the Bunny legal hammer coming down on the bastards (and see some words I have to look up)!

Ooo, I hope you don't have the letter sent yet for another reason: more "ammo". You can add in there that 'Drea had to call her Sister and Brother-In-Law - at 1 in the morning, waking them AND their 14-month old up. (Honestly, it didn't bother me that much, especially after 'Drea explained to me what was going on. But, Motel Shits, uh, I mean, Six, don't know that, and, like I said, more ammo for you.)

I'm interested to see what they'll do - it should be, at the LEAST, a refund for the 2nd night. If they're any good, maybe your whole bill will be refunded. Or maybe more! (Trying to be positive... :) )

Everyone thought the wait was long before...

Damfino said...

Oh man - personal injury to relatives as well... Ella had to endure this!??!

Man - we need to kick this guys ass - screw the letter... I 'll get my tennis racket... you get you 5 lb dumb-bells... and we will head out to Joliet this weekend to right all of the wrongs!

I call dibs on the left eye socket!

(not for that Kern!! you are so filthy!!)

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

After seeing Johnny no-sack on Friday night I knew that he was trouble. I was not going to lower myself to his level and freakout on his ass upon the hearing of the news of our imediate departure. I figure life will dish out terabytes more retribution than I could on this lowely puke. I take comfort in knowing that carma is a bitch.

bunny out.....

ps: copy of letter text to follow.

Damfino said...

You are the better man Kreitner... and I am sure your sack is much stronger and more fertile than his will ever be!!

Deit Heimley said...

Mistake #1: staying in a Motel 6 in Joliet. Sorry Sheriff, that is a horrible story! What asses!!!

But Joliet is a crap hole in a basket. Sorry to show my Northside prejudice (my mother was from Chicago), but I go up Joliet to avoid the tolls when I'm driving to Chicago (our yearly trip to Market Days in North Halstead), but I don't stop there.

That aside, as a dog owner and lover myself, I am just shocked at the idiocy of that guy!!! What a jackass!!!

I have my own tale of woe involving a jerk and a Blockbuster that now makes me laugh, but I know that feeling to be totally screwed by a company when you are the innocent party. In fact working for the man (ol' Wells Fargo) in default, I have seen some of the worst cases imaginable. Money is the way to ease all pain. Ask for loads of money. You know most companies have a standard settlement for all claims against them. In other words, their attorneys are authorized to pay a certain amount of go-away money whenever a complaint is filed against them. Just an FYI to all of those who may one day get it up the ass from some jerk of a company.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

When did everyone in the world stop giving a shit?

How can a service company not provide service/caring?

We could have chosen any hotel and this is how we are paid back for our investment?

Sad really.


Deit Heimley said...

You see, it all starts from the Motel 6 heads. They want to run a cheap motel, so they pay this night guy $6 an hour and no benefits to run the front desk. Nobody in their right mind would take this job, so they get someone who isn't.

This is why I get so pissed off at tort reform (sorry to make a bitchy aside). Sometimes suing their asses is the only thing that makes them realize that crapping on your employees and then not holding them accountable when they take it out on your customers is not the wisest choice. These companies are now so big that they are isolated from the world. If they piss you off they don't worry because this is Chicagoland and there are millions of people going through the are trying to save a buck, and they know that people will generally bend over and sometimes even forget about the lube if it will save them $3!!!!!!

Customer Service is in such a poor and sorry shape in this country, not because this is a big conspiracy by the large multinationals (which it is), but because we LET THEM DO IT!!!!!!

Every time we let the waiter bring us the wrong order, or we turn a blind eye as the teenage clerk plays with doctor with his girlfirend before getting you the popcorn!!!! Civility and customer service cost a lot, and we as consumers want to save a lot more, so we put up with the crappy service and rude servers because we somehow think that we are going to win in the end. But it is the inability to stand up and demand service that has lead us to this world!!! And one day we will all be escorted outside into the fridged night air in a foreign city with our wife and two small children!!!! One day it could be you!!! And what will you do then!!! It is time to stand up!!! Stand up I say and DEMAND BETTER!!!!!!!

You have longed for it, so put your money where your mouth is!!!

Send $5 to Deit Heimley 2422 Drake Park if you too want to see better service!!! I promise to use your money to visit places of business and DEMAND BETTER!!!

Thank you.

Paid for by Bunnies for the American Dream.

FlopTheNuts said...

'Fino: Yeah, luckilly, Ella only shot-sat-up for just a second then fell back onto the "mattress" (the excuse for a mattress that comes with her "pack-and-play" travel bed).

Bunny: great post about carma (or karma, or kharma, or ... - you say potato, Dan Quail says potatoe). Yeah, the guy already is only a night manager at a Motel 6 - sounds like he's *currently* living with some bad karma. :)

Deit and I should compare Blockbuster stories. Mine doesn't involve a jerk employee, just the company as a whole (or a-hole). The story ends by me closing and canceling my membership right then and there. (Will post it soon.)

It is sad, Bunny. Looks like Motel 6 just grew to that point... Maybe I'm too forgiving, but actions do go a long way, and I'd like to see what they'll do to (try to) make it right.

What would it take? Maybe I'm being to wishful and demanding, but 2 X my total bill *might* do it. (So, in this case, approximately $200.) I gotta admit, even then Motel 6 would be on the bottom-half of my list of places to stay. Is that asking too much? Not enough?

FlopTheNuts said...

Damn, Deit - you ARE an old man!

(I agree with everything you said, though!)

Kern said...

These dirty sons of bitches! Back when I was in the service industry, we actually gave a shit about the customer!

We not only were courteous at the Sierra 3, we were ultra personable and knowledgeable about films. We didn't want anyone to see a movie that sucked. Well, when we were slow anyhow. We couldn't always talk to everyone when it was busy.

And I for one, never played doctor with anyone before getting their popcorn!

Deit Heimley said...

We all know you never played doctor with anyone. That was directed at ANOTHER theater worker.
(duh duh DUH!!!)
I mean maybe you copped a feel with a cardboard cutout once or twice, but I mean ... you're Kern. Who are you seriously going to feel up? There are catholic priests who get more action than ... OK bad example. Michael Jackson live alone in the mountains and he ... OK, sorry I bad example again. My dog licks more fur than you do, and she's spayed!!!

Damfino said...

Um - Kern, you may consider lowering some standards and getting over this... issue.

There are far better things to deal with in the world.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

I have spoken with my personal don't heal thy self...and a sternly worded certified letter to the CEO was the agreed on weapon of choice. A legal aside, this boiles down to a breach of contract issue. We paid for 48 hours and were denied 13 of those hours. But, they have the right to breach (terminate) the contract if certain terms are violated (noise, murder..etc.)

So our actual loss was slight. But the fact that this world is going to hell in a hand basket needs to be stoped. So the certified letter shall be our tool to strike a blow for truth and justice.

More to come....fight on my brothers.


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Well I guess lack of benefits wasn't this pukes problem. Perhaps his 401 (k)'s S&P 500 fund was off for the quarter..that's why he threw us out of the hotel at 12 fucking 30am.


Careers - Benefits & Compensation
Motel 6 is proud to offer a competitive and affordable benefits package. We're one of only a handful of companies in the hospitality industry that offers our employees a comprehensive benefits package. At Motel 6 you are considered a full-time employee, eligible for benefits, when you are paid an average of 120 hours per month. Our total compensation and benefits package include
All Motel 6 Employees:
Medical Plan
Vision Plan provided with Medical Coverage
Dental Plan
Company Paid Life and AD&D Insurance
Supplemental Life & AD&D Insurance
Vacation (Consistent with the Motel 6 policy)
Credit Union
Accor Card (After one year of service you will be eligible to receive 50% off room rates)

Deit Heimley said...

All joking aside, it costs a lot of money for a company to defend itself -- even when it is right. I can tell you stories about times where we were 100% in the right and the legal case filed against us had ZERO standings in court, but we stettled with the plaintiff for a four or five figure sum just because it would cost us more to even get a summary judgement or even to get the case dismissed!!! So who knows what you will get if you demand big.

FlopTheNuts said...

Well, sure, they have the right to breach/terminate said contract if certain terms are violated, but you guys DIDN'T VIOLATE ANYTHING!

Well, no one knows about the murder yet, but I think the 409 took care of the blood well enough and the mound left from burying the body looks natural enough (winter snows will cover up the non-grass-covered mound soon enough, new grass will grow in Spring).

Kern said...

Jed-Which issue were you referring to? Mine was just an example.

Deit-Yes, yes, the Kern is a monastic loser. Well played.

FlopTheNuts said...

OK, my Blockbuster story.

This is PE (Pre Ella) time, circa 200X (0 < X < 3). (The time in Houston kind of blurs together, mostly due to the smog, humidity, and unemployment.)

Trish & I lived in the apartment in Webster, TX. ('Burb of Houston, halfway between Houston and Galveston.) Located a convenient 2 blocks south of us was a Blockbuster (BB).

We didn't rent that often, and when we did, BB was guaranteed at least 3 days-worth of late fees off of us. (Yes, even being only 2 blocks away, and on the way to and from Trish's work. Anyone who knows a Devore will completely understand. :) )

When I opened the BB account, I used my Johnson Space Center Federal Credit Union (JSCFCU) ATM/Debit card, and put Trish on as an authorized renter. Months later (after JSCFCU pissed me off with *their* lousy customer service), I opened an account with Wells Fargo. And, I rented from BB and paid w/ my WF card.

Days/weeks go by, we rent a movie, and, par for our course, return it late. Weeks go by, we hadn't rented anything since the last late return. I check my WF account online, notice a $16 + change charge from BB. Huh?!?! I ask Trish if she happened to use my card to rent from BB, she says no. So, I pay BB a visit. I tell them I got a charge on my bank account, shows from BB, and was wondering what it was. The staffer pulls up my BB account and proceeds to tell me that, oh, it's just the late fee for the last rental you had. I said that I wasn't told this could or would happen (that they could/would automatically take $ out of my bank account), to which the staffer just shrugged and looked away sheepishly.

OK, let me stop there for a sec and reiterate a couple of things:
- I opened the BB account with a JSCFCU card/account. That's the card I put on their little form so they have a card on record. (For whatever reason(s), like if you rent a movie and keep it for over a certain period of time, they assume you want to keep it for good and just charge you for the price of the movie, like a ridiculous $70. I worked at a video rental place in college...)
- I had paid for rentals with a JSCFCU and WF card/account, but the only record BB would have of my WF account would be from me using it to pay. I never filled out anything or anything like that. (In other words, they did NOT have my permission to automatically deduct from or deposit into that account!)
- They AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCTED a late fee from my WF account!!!
- They did this without ANY prior notice: no phone calls, no letter, nothing!

So, I explained what I just wrote above to the staffer, and he, again, just said that's what the charge was. I said, "Alright. I want my account closed and canceled IMMEDIATELY." He pressed some keys, looked up, and said, "OK, your account's closed." I said, "No. I want PROOF!" Obviously flustered, he faked an attempt to look like he had a clue (pressed some keys again), and called over his manager. I took the opportunity to explain what had happened to her, and reiterated that I wanted my account IMMEDIATELY closed and canceled. She just printed off a long strip receipt - she didn't try to explain or defend or anything, she just printed off my demanded proof and let me walk out, pissed and forever boycotting BB.

I’m sure the law probably allows for this kind of thing (in other words, BB was probably within its right to do what it did), but that’s just plain shitty customer service. Then again, I didn’t get a call or letter or any other type of notification, so maybe there was something illegal in what they did. I don’t care, though, because I did owe the late fee (which I would’ve paid the next time I rented – as they could’ve seen from my rental history), and I’m still, to this day, boycotting them.

Kern said...

Yikes...that sounds terrible. I hate Blockbuster anyhow. Generally the store is teh sux.

Deit Heimley said...

Um ... No!!! The law does NOT allow for this, and BB was breaking the law. This was proved in a large class action suit, leading to the "No More Late Fees" policy and HUGE refund by BB.

No, my story is worse.

I rented from BB and opened an account under my name and added my roomate at the time to be on the account. I have a VERY uncommon name, but she did not. (This is important and I'll get back to this point later)

I opened up my account with one card and like flop, I often used another card. The credit card I used to open the accoutn was not often used, but carried a rather high balance. As a result, I often just paid large sums to the card without actually reviewing the account regularly.

So I too would sometimes have a late fee or two on the account. I was not shocked to have $15 or more in late fees on my account. However, one day, I was reviewing my credit card account, and I saw a charge from BB for over $200. I was shocked. Not only did I NEVER use that card to get a movie, but I had JUST paid BB a large fee for a movie I probably did not enjoy.

So I called my BB manager to complain. He told me I was being charge for the movies my authorized roomate had made on my account. As the roomate, I asked what movie those were. I was told they were for three movies rented in Altoona that I never returned. Now, those natives to Des Moines may have caught a flaw there. I did not live in Altoona, she did not live in Altoona. In fact, I doubt that either of us even knew where the BB was in Altoona (and I know she could not have gone to Altoona without detailed maps).

So ... what happened?? Well, my roommate has a common name. The BB in Altoona just put someone else's charges on my account by mistake. The Altoona BB just looked up my account by name and added the rental there out of laziness. And they then added the late fees to my card on file.

So I asked the manager to please remove those fees from my card.

He then asked me if I had my BB rental contract with me because he would like to go over the proper complaint procedures with me. I told him I doubted I had the BB contract anywhere in my posession, so please just start talking to me as slowly and condecedingly as possible. He showed surprising shock. I did not have my BB rental contract?? What did I do with it? Did I not realize this was a binding and enforceable contract? (I am actually nearly quoting here, the putz had watch too many episodes of LA Law)I told him I did not save that contract. He told me that he would like me to stop in that day and get a copy of my contract. He was going to look it up on file and make me a copy for my reference, and that should clear things up. I told him I was not interested in this contract, but I just wanted the fees waived. He then said (and I will always remember this) "Sir, your Blockbuster contract is an important binding contract. It should be kept safe and with your other important documents like your mortgage and your will. Please come in and I will give you a new copy."

I was beyond angry. Angry was something I saw dimly in my rear view mirror. I told him what I thought of his contact and to please just take the charges off my account.

He then said, "Until you take your contractual relationship with Blockbuster seriously I don't think there is much I can do to help you sir."

He was not helping.

I called the Altoona store, and had to get written affidavids as to the identity of my roommate and I had to go through this huge undertaking to get the charges removed. BB, even with the putz aside, was not that helpful. They kept coming back to their position that I had NO way to PROVE it was not her. It took a letter from a lawyer friend of mine to fix this. And even then it took several months while interest continued to grow on that credit card.

But I never, ever, ever went back to that BB. They were dead to me.

And Kern -- I tease because I care.

Kern said...

Deit: I know. And you're darned good at it too! I think I must have a slight masochistic streak, as I seem to set myself up for these jokes constantly.

Don't get any ideas, folks.