Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sing it Hank!

Tonight is the opening of the NFL season and the beginning of Fantasy Football matchups. I happen to be playing against our own urnotme this week - doubtful that success will be had, but it will be interesting. Krysta is also in our league... but I suppose Dan her boyfriend is the one we should talk smack with.

Tonights game is the New England Patriots vs the Oakland Raiders - last years Super Bowl Champs taking on last years joke of a team (granted - I felt for Stevens having to pull for them last year).

The matchup tonight should be far more entertaining - with Oakland trying out what is almost a new team, and the Patriots touting a lossless record at home for two full seasons... we will have to wait and see.

Beers and pizza tonight - the game is on!!!

One last note - if you did not see the 2001 playoff game that the Raiders and Patriots shared... it was one of the wildest and most stunning games in recent history. I remember being in a bar in Iowa City, sipping on a beer, watching the game intensely. Thinking with my precocious artistic mind of how beautiful the snow was covering the events - how dramatic it made it all seem. Here is how it played out;

"An overturned call early in the 2001 season playoffs set the stage for the Patriots' first Super Bowl victory. Trailing 13-3 in the fourth quarter of an AFC divisional playoff against the Raiders, New England wound up winning 16-13 in overtime on a 23-yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri.

The game had classic late-season weather. The game-time temperature at New England was 25 degrees, 5 inches of snow had fallen and the snow continued throughout the game. Down 13-10 with 1:43 left, Tom Brady was looking to throw from his own 48 when Oakland's Charles Woodson blitzed, hitting Brady and causing what appeared to be a fumble on first down. The play was reviewed by instant replay and overturned, with referees saying Brady's arm was going forward to pass and was not "tucked" into his body. After one Vinatieri field goal to force overtime, the Patriots finished off the Raiders, opening OT with a 15-play, 61-yard drive and getting another field goal from Vinatieri."

And Dan Stevens wept.

Good day all - Yo


krysta jo said...

FYI - I picked my OWN team with no help from Dan. He was slightly impressed by some of my players but disappointed that I pretty much have the entire KC team on my roster. But...he'll talk the smack with y'all ... bring it! He's in a league as well and I'm going to kick his butt!

Damfino said...

KJ - not sure if I can imagine you "kicking butt." I thought Dan assisted... descent team!

krysta jo said...

Yeah...that's just the crazy side of me talking...I don't kick butt usually. My team isn't bad if you go with some assumptions, but then you also have to remember that KC regularly sucks it up so there goes my fun times!!!

I picked all my players and secured them and then sent it to Dan to see what he said. He gave no advice but laughed a few of my choices.

Damfino said...

A hearty laugh?

I am not sure about my team - this week will answer most of my questions.

krysta jo said...

Ehhh it's all fun and games sense getting all tense and uptight about it.

Kern said...

Football talk...I think this gives me a fair idea of what you guys mean when you read some of my reviews.

I can appreciate that there is a game called football and that there are people who enjoy it, but much like Donny from The Big Lebowski, I'm "out of [my] element".

That being said, did anyone watch that stunning Blake/Agassi match at the US Open last night? Possibly one of the most dramatic and rousing battles of wills I have ever seen in a sport. Unbelievable!

Oh, new reviews up at Listen, Listen, etc. by the way. Jed, make sure you tune in for the next one for sure. I will be covering Ennio Morricone shortly.

And good luck to all on their fantasy teams!

Damfino said...

Morricone... yummy!

Kern said...

Today I actually linked a really good page so you can hear samples. This way you don't have to just imagine what it sounds like from my descriptions.

urnotme said...

Are you kidding me?????????????

krysta jo said...

Not the last time I checked, I wasn't kidding you. What are you referencing here??