Wednesday, September 21, 2005

my little runaway

I had a special surprise when looking at the DVD's that were released yesterday - Crime Story Season 2 hit the shelves and I was not even aware of it.

"Crime Story," for those of you who are not in the know, was a Michael Mann tv show produced in the 80's. It starred Dennis Farina as the head of Chicago's Major Crime Unit (MCU) and centered on his struggle to bring down crime boss Ray Luca. The series only lasted 2 seasons.

Even though the quality is shot, the first season DVD set is worth buying. 22 episodes (with a 120 min pilot) that range in quailty from ok to amazing. I would say there are 6-7 episodes that are as good as anything David Chase has done with the Sopranos. Michael Mann actually directed the second to last ep of the season (one of the finest!!). Unfortunately, I have heard that the series took a major nose dive with the second season. I was lent one episode on DVD this past year... and it was abysmall!!! I will be Netflixing the season.

The groundbreaking aspect of the series is that it follows not only Farina and his MCU - but we see all of the world of Ray Luca and the struggles he has to keep his power. Both characters have major flaws and often self destruct in the name of their obsessions. There is not alot of happy moments in the first season - yet, the character driven dark episodes are the best... and sadly, the 80's does infect the series at times. Odd synthesizer music seeps in once in a while... but mostly it is classic 60's tunes that cover the soundtrack.

Give it a chance - you might be surprised.



Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Sheriff must admit that his viewing of season 1 has tailed off. Truely enjoyed the pilot and ep #1 with the crazy TV wire nut job with the crazy tats. Will attempt to catch up on the remaining eps soon. Just got Sin City from Netflix on Tues. must watch soon!!! Hot "Spy Kids" mom must be seen!!

Kern said...
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Kern said...

Mmm...topless Carla Gugino goodness...

Daddy likes.

I am the Kern and I approve of nearly nude Spy Kids' moms.

Thank you.