Friday, September 09, 2005

Mire mi tuerca!!!

Master Baiter Sheriff Officer Greg and his dear Buttercup have returned from their travels abroad. I have not spoken with them... my jealousy is still burning... and I am in no mood to look at these beautiful pics - never the less, here are some brilliant photos.

Commentary is to be added by the Sheriff in the comments (though I might have to drop a few of my own).

Greg - on the bus heading to the resort - in mid seizure.

The hole in the world they stayed in (RAT BASTARDS!!!)

Drea swimming - keeping the ocean warm... ewww.

Greg and Mark - showing off their man meat.

This is the ocean... Greg tainted that!

Mark & Andrea - Greg & Drea

Greg - giving us some nut lovin.

The kids looking happy - this is a keeper (and one of the few where you don't see vag! Ah - vag - you crazy mexican towel boy - always getting in the photos!)

When the hell did Kreitner become the Carrot-Top of trip photos?

Drea and Andrea - they trade off the "An" every once in a while.

Final pic - the Sheriff - given his posse some love!

Let the envious souls pour out their bitter words of congrats and jealousy.

Drea and Greg... me want to go next time!



krysta jo said...

Awesome vacay you two. Next time take the bratty kids of the damfino blog. We won't ruin it -- we promise!

Damfino said...

We could drive somewhere - I could sit in back with KJ and Kern - with Kern in the middle cuz KJ and I are fighting.

Sheriff driving - Buttercup nursing a migraine beside him... and I would give KJ a wet willie and Kern would freak out for reaching over him and KJ would yell and the Sheriff would pull the car over and box my ears.

That would be sweeeeeeeet!

Kern said...

Ha ha's funny 'cause it's true.

Morricone review up on my blog this morn for anyone interested. Unless you've already been there in which case, feel free to disregard.

Kern said...

Oh and excellent pix, Sheriff. Looks like you and Buttercup had an awesome time.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Hola mi amigos!

Glad you all enjoyed the AP quality photos that I took on our Mexican adventure. The last photo wasn't me givin luv to my is me feeliing like crap after 15 Hurricanes the day before at the swim up bar....not good :(

a wonderful time was had by all.....and yes i would box your ears you naughty little insect.

sheriff out

krysta jo said...

Jed --- don't breathe on me. You're gross.

Damfino said...

Sheriff - upon further inspection - yes you do look like you are going to vomit.

KJ - I am the king of faking falling asleep on your shoulder and "accidently" having my gum get stuck to your shirt... Josh always hated that!

krysta jo said...

As long as you don't drool we're ok.

ps. I am wearing your shirt and so now you have put your gum on your own shirt. tee hee hee.

Damfino said...

You are creepy - in that annoying sister way.

krysta jo said...

Not creepy.

Cool. Beautiful. Fun. Exciting. Dangerous. Special.

Not creepy.

Kern said...

I'm creepy.

Deit Heimley said...

Yes Kern. You are creepy. Anyone with that extensive and varied of a collection of 1970s French pop and jazz is just little bit creepy.

But in a good way.

Kern said...

I'm going to end up like Seymour in Ghost World.

"I like traditional 12 bar blues, kind of like Scott Joplin"
"Oh, well if you love blues, you're going to LOVE Blueshammer!"*


Damfino said...


I am so excited to know that you will be plowing young nubile high school graduates soon.

Kern said...

Oh, I meant Seymour without that part. Knowing my luck, however, something would happen and I would have to move back with my parents. Then I the inevitable step down from there is a life dedicated to Darkon.

Kern said...

By the way, I'm going to attempt a revision of the Morricone piece on my site. I was very unhappy with the way it turned out, and I hope you guys will go back and reread it Monday after it's been extended. Deit was right that there were a lot of things I wanted to say but abruptly abbreviated due to time issues.

Damfino said...

You both need to mate!

Kern said...

Both of who?

Deit Heimley said...

Jed's just jealous. He thinks you're going to steal me away from him. If anyone's going to be mistaken for a former lover of mine, Jed wants that person to be him.

Which by the way happens quite often. People will see Jed and later ask if we once dated. It's kind of cute and flattering, so I tell them that we did.

(Just kidding at the end Jed. I of course tell that we still do.)

Damfino said...

I am in the middle of season 3 in Six Feet Under.

Just thought I would spout off something that was not gay.