Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"I gotsta icee-thef*ck-hot me up!"

The above quote was made by Dan Stevens, yesterday after football practice. Things are going well... hmmm... or rather, things are going. Look forward to a report after the first game this coming Sunday.

But the main event of the Labor Day weekend was....


I think a grand time was had by all - starting things off at Hu-Hot (and Jer started drinking) and then headed to the Hessen Haus with a final stop at the Royal Mile. We actually did a brilliant thing and went up to the Red Monk and shared two $15 bottles of some Belgium brew. Magnificent.

No puking to speak of... but everyone had a little fun (and yours truly got to do some sweet Teen Wolf-esque surfing on top of Bob's grand cherokee!!!).


Hessen Haus - look how thrilled Holly is with her brew!

Josh is sitting too close!

Father Dave and Matt give Jer more reading material... which in turn makes his suave alter ego "Ricardo" emerge!

Back at home, Jer opens more gifts - Josh poses, Devin scratches, Bob emits gaseous air freshner.


"You did what on top of my moving vehicle?!?!"

Jer reads his Hi-larious card from the Brothers Findlay - Jody's destruction Pt. 1!

Jer, thrilled with his gift from the Brothers McFindlay - Jody falls deeper into drunken evil world.

Jody has turned - Angel has been attacked by evilJody... from here things went bad. Blood was shed, evil midgets pulled many to a ritual death... and Jerry's birthday passed.

Long live the king!



Kern said...

Damn it all...it's the little things like this that I miss the most. Please pass along my best birthday wishes to "Ricardo".

Damfino said...

Oh he knows good Kern... he knows.

Kern said...

There's also a new review on Listen, Listen, etc.

I don't wanna ruin it, but there's French women. And a link to sound samples. Oooh-la-la!