Thursday, September 01, 2005

I don't have the Wesley from Buffy Season 3!

I will be out tomorrow - so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY!!!!

Jer is turning a grand 27 tomorrow and we all need to wish him a happy one.

Granted, his viewership on the blog is minimal - and I doubt he would even read the comments if they were posted... but we must celebrate none the less.

Here is a great photo of Jer, he will love this.

At the moment we are planning to hit a nice restaurant downtown (Buzzard Billy's was mentioned), run over to the Mile for a few drinks, and round out the evening at home - guzzling drinks until we are gray.

If you get a moment, wish the man a Happy one... I still have not bought his gift and I am somewhat at a loss. He has about everything Buffy and Angel that I know of... perhaps some Buffy underoos!




urnotme said...

Happy Birthday Man!

Damfino said...

Stevens - hows the finger?

urnotme said...

Dude it's fractured in 3 places and in a splint. I just took the splint off to wash my hands and as I was leaving the bathroom I slammed my fucking fingertip of the fractured finger in the damn door! Can you effin believe that??? I'm just lucky it was the finger tip and not the actual hurt part.

krysta jo said...

Happy Birthday Jer!

Poor Dan...I am trying to feel your pain but it is causing me to giggle a little...I do feel almost bad for you and your finger though.

Damfino said...

You are all messed up. Probably should not practice tomorrow.

What are you doing with your day off?

Damfino said...

EVil KJ - never giggle at a man's finger.

urnotme said...

um thanks for nothing KJ

Damfino said...

I wish I could put up Jer's New Years photo... that was killer stuff!!

You are coming tomorrow night - right Stevens?

Kern said...

Birthday greetings to Mr. Jerry.

Urnotme: Sorry to hear about the finger, man. That's a rough go. Hope it heals quick.

urnotme said...

I work till 9 so if u can sucker Holly over I'll be over later...

Thanks Kern!

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Have a great day Jer.

Sit close to the stage and tip well for me.

Sheriff out