Thursday, September 29, 2005

Friday Movie News

Hi all.....a little slow on the blog this week....

I looked over the movies comming out this Friday and two of them caught my eye.

1. Serenity

2. A History of Violence

Have seen both of the trailers on apple quicktime site and both l;ook very good. Any Finoites planning on attending either of these two flixs? All chimers welcome.

Sheriff out

ps: Buttercup is recovering nicely from her knee operation. All went well except I made the buzzer go off and the nose turn red when I tried to take out her funny bone.


onecrazylady said...

I plan on seeing both. I'm currently being forced to watch the Firefly series.

Kern said...

Sheriff-I have a review of A History of Violence up at my blog if yr interested.