Wednesday, August 24, 2005

it's already gone

Ya know, I never really got hooked into Six Feet Under. I did not see the first season, I watched sprinkles of the second and third... and most of the fourth, but I never really felt the urgent need to watch every episode. So when I tuned in on the finale Sunday night - I was not really that involved in its end.

Yet, I found the final images of the series quite moving. And I was astounded by the final montage - so much so, that I went out the next day and bought the soundtrack. Just so I could listen to the song "Breathe Me" over and over again.

The song is by an artist named Sia, someone who I have never heard of (but of course Kern immediately caught). I cannot say her lyrics are especially moving... it is the dynamic force of the piano and rythym of the piece, and how Ball did some amazing counter point editing to it... that really got my senses moving.

So, by watching the end - me thinks I am now hooked to watch it all. I fired up the first episode yesterday... we will see if the series finally drags me under!



Deit Heimley said...

I am a SFU devotee though I do not have HBO, so I do not get to see it all the time.

I find that all of my favorite characters either die or go crazy. It is a great story of family, but you gain a lot when you see it from the beggining. Like Brenda makes almost no sense at all until you see how she entered the family. David's current life only makes sense when you see how uncomfortable he was with himself at the start of the series.

This is one of the only series that has a well defined season arc, that sticks with the arc, but doesn't become unwatchable if you miss an episode. The season is usually better than any one episode, but still many of the episodes do stand on their own very well.

By the way, did anyone here ever catch Dead Like Me? I don't remember if we ever discussed that series. It was woefully underapreciated. I loved it. The entire series is running on Showtime on Mondays.

Damfino said...

It was interesting to see that David was insecure about his homosexuality... or rather not open about it. That surprised me. And Brenda's entrance was... well... kind of very Brenda. I was shocked she was in the first episode!!

So does this mean you have not seen the ending?

Dead Like Me - never viewed... thought it borrowed too much from SFU.

Kern said...

I watched the whole thing from the beginning. To be honest, I always thought the first two seasons were best. To some degree, I felt there was a certain amount of magic at the beginning where everything was new and the biggest charge came from discovering the characters as they discovered themselves. It was a show for me that's like the Sopranos in that even if it got boring and lost its pacing, because of the promise of the initial episodes, I'd watch until the end to see if it ever recaptured that.

As far as Dead Like Me, I never saw it, but I was pissed when I did, because it turned about being dangerously close to what my second novel was going to be like. Explaining how would take forever, but suffice it to say I was sad that they did something so similar as I floundered around with writer's block for many years. Which seems to have come back again. Goddammit.

Deit Heimley said...

No. I have not seen a stitch of the fifth season.

My favorite season was season 2. Of course I just said I have not seen season 5, so take that for what it is worth.

Dead Like Me is NOTHING like SFU, but a lot of people said that. I think that is why it did not last. Dead Like Me is a comedy -- admittedly a very dark comedy, but the writing in the first season is just great.

Try and catch it. I have yet to see someone who has taken the time to watch it, not get into it.

Oh, but I think my favorite character, or at least the best written, has to be Ruth. She changes and grows over the series, but is still the same. She never becomes tiresome, which is rare in a character like hers.

Oh, and Jed, wait until season 3. Ruth has some of the creepiest scenes I have ever seen. They are creepy in a very real and human way in that you have known her character so well that you can tell she is making a mistake but you can't do anything about it.

And my favorite character you have not met is Lisa. You have to tell me your thoughts on her arc.

Deit Heimley said...

Kern, but could you get past your bitterness at the precognative plagerism to actually enjoy the series?

Damfino said...

Lisa - she married Nate right. Had his daughter - disapeared.

I saw alot with her... and then the ep where Nate buries her.

Did the 3rd season just come out on DVD - are they 2 years behind?

Kern said...

Deit: After the blow that Dead Like Me struck, I realized that my concept would likely stay just that(it wasn't exactly the same I suppose), and that if I had had Showtime, I would have loved to watch it. I've been meaning to Netflix it. I figure if it wasn't me, I'd love to see someone handle that particular concept as long as it was done well.

Deit Heimley said...

Then you saw a lot of the third season. I like the way that they show that Nate never really loved her as much as she loved him, but they never let us feel sorry for her. Lily Taylor's acting was perfect for such an intensly nervous and insecure character. The ep where Nate and Lisa went camping was fabulous for her.

My hope for the fifth season was that Claire is redeemed in the end. The shot used for the soundtrack implies that, but she was the only character I thought that needed a fifth season.

David was done in the third season.
Nate was done in the second season.
Ruth was done in the fourth season.


Kern said...

Deit: I agree. Though I forget, which season was the one where Nate met the female rabbi? That had some strong moments for him.

One of my favorite episodes that kind of gives me chills when I think about it is the one where they hold a funeral for a biker on Christmas day, and all of his biker gang show up, and the part where they are all holding candles and singing "Don't Fear The Reaper" in really hushed voices, like to them it's a hymn or something. Something about that scene was unnerving and unexpected and oddly moving at the same time. And the end sequence with Nate and the bike. Jesus, that was a good one.

Also, sorry to threadjack, but I wanted to ask Deit about his post on my blog yesterday. Were you looking for music by non-English speaking people in general, or does it have to involve Non-English Vocals? I've got a lot of instrumental stuff that is dynamite from several non-English speaking places, but not a lot with vocals. Does that still fall into the scope?

Deit Heimley said...

That was all in season two. Nate's best stuff was in season two. He sort of slowly falls apart in season three, and season four is almost a weaker repeat of season two for him.

Oh, and on the other thing for Kern -- You have done some great reviews on the American sound, but part of the American sound is finding other sounds and usurping them for our own. I would even like to hear you do a musical backwards deconstruction of a sound we think of American now , and show it's foreign roots.

So to answer you directly, I don't care if it's vocal or intstrimental, just foreign in sound and origin.

Kern said...

Deit: I'm pulled some records last night(all my foreign stuff seems to be on vinyl for some reason) and I'll have to blow the dust off and listen to them so I can make some reviews. Just to give you an idea, there's some Latin, some African, some Italian, and some French. I may through in some German stuff for the hell of it. I wished I owned more German stuff honestly. Peter Thomas is sweet; his soundtrack to the space show "Raumpatrole"(sp?) is awesome.