Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No no Kong!


So it is finally here - the first brief glimpses of Peter Jackson's KING KONG. Check out the trailer.

  • king kong

  • My first reaction is... ugh.

    My second is... UGH!

    I am completely dismayed by Jack Black and his narration - it just does not hold up the ominous mood that is supposedly being set. Some of the island stuff looks cool - the voodoo scenes are semi-creepy.

    I am just not sure anything is really working for me here. Especially that shot tracking out of the cave when you hear Kong growl... lame!

    And they toss in a shot of Kong in the city before the trailer even sees Kong for the first time. Just don't make no sense.

    "My cousin was in Jurassic Park - he said Spielberg is a d*ck!"

    Watts is a fine choice.

    I can dig the imagery...

    ...but not so sure of Kong's constipated look.

    Check it out for yourself... this sure aint no Lord of the Rings.



    Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

    I watched the trailer the end of the day Wed. Am I supposed to be excited about this film? Who cast Mr. Black in this role an idiot? The day he is a believable director is the day "Family Guy" will make it back onto our tv's..oops

    the sheriff

    Kern said...

    I saw the trailer as well. I don't have heaping helpings of hate, but I kind of had no expectations either way. Frankly, I would like to see him do another small film like Dead Alive. Now that was genius.

    /Lord of the What?

    urnotme said...

    I just watched the trailer for King Kong. I think it's going to be an ok movie, but Black is already killing me. I thought he was going to make the film, but it seems like he's going to kill it instead. When he did the narration I kept waiting for him to bust out and sing Kilbasa (sp) Sausage. He's just not believable as anything other than a funny man. Hmm