Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm no Superman...


My addiction is official - I have watched Scrubs Season 1 completely - listened to all of the commentaries - looked at all of the extra features... and I am starting round two of watching all of the episodes again. It is that good! If you have an extra $40 on you - pick it up.


I am nearing the end of a nearly life long struggle - I am about to finish Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. I started the series clear back in the 6th grade... fascinated by the combination of cowboyish shootouts and other world fantasy. Sadly, the series quality dropped off with the 4th book (Wizzards and Glass) and the last 3 have been very disappointing.

King cornered himself by allowing the series to become the end all of his career. And to go out with all pieces of his world connecting... he had to dillute the tale of our heros and add in outer world elements like revolving characters from his other works... pop cultural references to Harry Potter and movies... and then he sealed the fate of the series by making himself a major character in the books.

Suddenly it is all about King - yuk.

Anywho, it will be over soon... and I can wash my hands of the whole thing. Sadly, I really enjoyed King's work early on... but his writing is sooo tedious and kind of aimlessly descriptive... that it is really annoying to get through.




Kern said...

Good Morning everyone! I remember reading the first three of the Dark Tower series and being rather blown away. I should have seen a little trouble coming when the third one ended on such a weird note. I have the fourth one at home, and I couldn't get into it. I think I should re-read the first ones again and make one go at it. Then again maybe not.

So, anyone interested in hearing what happened with my date last night?

Damfino said...

Kern - make the date story a post!!! Add a pic!!

Kern said...

Do I have rights to post?

krysta jo said...

Please tell us about your date...I am anxiously awaiting the stories.

Kern said...

First I have a question, how would I get rights to do posts on the Damfino blog? Jed thinks I should write it out as a whole post, but don't you have to have some kind of rights to do that?

O Man Behind the Curtain, please grant me the powers to post on the Damfinoblog!

krysta jo said...

Alex - you should have rights. Click on the "Blogger" button on the top right and then log in. Then you should see Jed's blog and you can add a post there.

Good luck.

krysta jo said...

Oops..I meant my other right - meaning the blogger button on the left. Someday I will get my left and right straight. Makes driving somewhat challenging and exciting.

Damfino said...

I mailed you an invite Kern... should allow you to post!