Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hi folks,

Wanted to drop a note to the Damfinobloggers - apologies for missing out on the new edition of THE KERN... and the shout out to Miss Jenni. I will return next week with some musical notes and stink-covered-filth-comments.

Hate to pull back the reigns on this haven of blissfully innocent fun... but a blog is for honest thoughts and emotions.

I spent the day with me grandpa - he went to the hospital last night... via ambulance. He has been fighting the good fight with cancer of the lungs for years now... but this round of chemo did not cut it.

So the decision was made today to bring him home - with an end to the chemo. Hospice has been contacted and will help make this time comfy.

Back in January (New Years eve actually), we were told to say goodbye to him at the hospital - with the doctor stating he was to be done that night. But Grandpa kicked God in the balls and stayed around to tell me a few more tales.

Anyway - pulling the reigns on this as well. Maybe sometime soon I will be able to tell a few of his stories... post some of his football pics (he was starting QB for Drake in his college days!).

We'll talk more about it.

Weekend is almost here - heading to the Sheriff's and Buttercup's place for some much needed relaxation. And maybe a little snuggling (the Sheriff always spoons after a few bottles of Papio).

I will report back on Monday - carry on fellow worshipers of the Damfinoblog!



Kern said...

Jed-I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. It sounds like you have some fond memories and good stories. I hope that you and your family stay strong during this difficult time.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

thanks damfino for a peek into your world....keyboards and the vastness of cybercrap can tend to suck the humaness out of us all....go to see the real you comming so sorry to hear that your grandfather is failing....your family is in my thoughts during this time of change.

your friend,


Damfino said...

we went hallmark!!!


Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...


Kern said...

I don't know if Jed is still checking this particular thread, but we've attracted a lot of new faces in the beer thread. It's wild to see so many strangers here.