Monday, May 09, 2005

The Secret to Living a Happy Life.... 4 SQUARE!!

The power of the first position - in this case we deemed this person the "king" - is undeniable. Being able to control the tempo of the game, the whole excitement level at which everyone plays... is exhilarating!

King Milloy was the definite best at this; he would find new and intriguing ways to challenge not only the players physical capabilities... but his mental chops as well.

King Jed faired second best, offering physical challenges of "no left arm" and "hands clapsed together the entire time!" The players feared King Jed, his reign was often the most brutal.

King Johnson, King Josh, and King/Father Dave reigned in short bursts, not showing a strong sense of control or drive to lead. King Johnson in particular failed to really hold his composure during the game, often falling against a wall or running into somone elses square - he was a poor excuse for a 4-Squarer.

The game will continue in 7 days - prepare.

The weekend was a success;

I drank a bottle of gin - case of Killians - and a 6 pack of Guiness.
Tulip festival was nice.
Mom loved her mother's day gift.
Sadly, no movies were seen - still looking forward to CRASH.

On to the week - YO

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