Thursday, May 19, 2005

Crack that sith... give yerself a sith...

Move the last letter to the second letter position and SITH makes a funny! Posted by Hello

"But it's my point of view that the Jedi are evil!!!" screams the newly crowned Darth Vader. Oh yes, the movie was grand... olde oprea grand! But who cares - this was not about seeing some mind blowing plot twisting space epic - this was about finally putting to bed the long running question of whether George Lucas' Star Wars films were merely crap wrapped in digital yummies. The question is answered.

Yesterday was a cold - long - fattening - stinky (smokers right next to me in line) - frustrating (fat frat boys next to us hollering "throw her some beads" at the girl dressed like Jabba's slave dancer) - wonderous (just tossing it in there) day! Jer and I hopped up early and booked @ss over to Merle Hay Cinemas... to sit and wait for the end of the series to fall upon us.

It more or less limped in... but it does not completely fall flat. Thus, happiness can be found.

Look at the pics and revel in the excitement of our lives... hears to climbing Mt. Everest on our next adventure.


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