Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This oft heard French swear perfectly sums up my feelings on the state of this blog. OH!!! How the mighty have fallen!!

Where is the filth? Where is the useless banter? Where is the sickening devotional blathering over shows doomed to die before their time??

Oh how I used to wait for another day just to see what was happening in the world of Damfino! The sun rose and fell on each sweat word uttered on this blog, and a swooned each time the internet itself was debased by the vile utterances of our fearless leader in filth. But woe how the bitter cold winds of change have turned!! Woe how the blog has fallen in a wasteland of empty posts! Woe how the very fabric of my life has been has been darkened by the silence from this once cheery and innuendo ridden land!

But wait!! A glimmer -- a spark in the darkened sky -- has appeared. What is that light that I see coming closer and closer? Is it the light that could save this blog for its own neglect? Is it the faint glistening of hope in a weary land??

Behold it is I! It is the return of Deit Heimley and his merry (read gay) utterances!! I am here to save you!! I am back from the abyss of early fatherhood trials to take up the cause of saving this blog!!!

Let the expressions of joy commence.


Kern said...

Right now all I can think to do is hum the song "Somewhere There's A Light" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. That or the Battle Hymn of The Republic.

But you're right, Deit. This place has been emptier and lonlier than Kern's bed on a Friday or Saturday night, but with less weeping.

Deit Heimley said...

weeping it could use -- it's the blood, vaseline, and mangled neckware that we could use without.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

So the empty bed you sleep in all the other nights Kern is not lonely and a bit sad?


ps: evil snicker here.