Monday, July 03, 2006

Tucker Max

He might change your life.

or maybe not..

I had to throw it out there.

I cant put his book down but many of his stories are online.


Kern said...

Ah, Tucker Max. I had heard a fair amount about this guy as well as Maddox, but never read them until today.

I have to say, I agree with certain things he says about the disparity between male and female bloggers and their book deals, but as far as his material, I can't really get behind it.

Is his book the same stuff that he writes on the internet? If I may ask, what is it about his writing that is so compelling?

urnotme said...

I'm new to him, but have read maybe 6-7 stories that he's written and find him absolutely hilarious. If you haven't read his stuff you gotta at least try it!


QueenB said...

About the Author
Tucker Max received his B.A. from the University of Chicago, where he graduated in 1998. He attended Duke Law School on an academic scholarship, where he graduated with a J.D. in 2001 (despite the fact that he neglected to buy any of his textbooks for his final two years and spent part of one semester—while still enrolled in classes—living in Cancun). Tucker is purportedly the reason Duke dropped from 7 to 11 in the USN&WR rankings during his tenure. He currently lives in Chicago, and when he isn't drinking or fornicating, he writes for his website.

Enough said, right?

Kern said...

I read a couple of his stories, and I enjoyed the drunken escapades with the mascot at the hockey game, but I didn't really get into the other stuff.

His stories about BJ's seemed kind of mean spirited to me.

urnotme said...

BJ's are always nice.

Kern said...

Yeah, I imagine that's generally the case. I didn't really dig his depictions of them though. I dunno, he strikes me as Howard Stern without the heart or something. Not my particular cup of filth.

Though he and I do agree that Wonkette and Jessica Cutler got paid far too much for underperforming novels. That's something...

Kern said...

Urnotme: By the way, my belated congrats to you and Holly on the baby!