Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's your Birthday!

Happy 29th Birthday, Princess!!


FlopTheNuts said...

Woo-hoo!! Happy 29th, Princess! (Even though we only know each other through Damfinoblog.)

Damn, another Feb. B-day?!?!

Me: the 16th. (I'll be 32, BTW.)
Josh: the 17th.
My coworker, Tony: the 7th.
Two (!!) former workers (at the same company!): the 16th.
John McEnroe: the 16th.
Michael Jordan: the 17th.



Yay Febura- Februra- (goes to quick) February!

Yay Aquarians!

(Yes, I have trouble spelling the month I was born in. :) )

Kern said...

Happy Birthday!

Damfino said...

Happy B-day Mrs. Kilker... may your evening be drunky!

Damfino said...

Bry - Josh is the 15th.

Here - lemme bitch slap ya a bit...


There ya go.

FlopTheNuts said...

God damn, I could've SWORN I typed a 5 instead of a 7. Must've been a case of "thoughs ahead of the typing" - probably already on to the thought of MJ's B-day when typing Josh's.

Plus, my proofreading has been a bit off today...

I consider myself bitch slapped!

Damfino said...

Speaking of people abusing thereselves (is that a word) - what happened to the Sheriff?

Kern said...

I think Jed enjoyed that a little TOO much.

He's been keeping his pimp hand strong by using one of those squishy stress reliever toys.

Damfino said...

Don't make me relieve stress on yer @ss Kern!

My pimp hand... C'MON!!!

Princess said...

Thank you to all!! The drunkeness will start approximately 8:30 Friday night!! Shots for everyone!!!

Damfino said...

Holy Crap! I am in on that... wait - no I am not!!!!

Can I do a shot Saturday morning for you?

Happy Birthday Barb - did Jason make you breakfast?

I saw him this morning.

Kern said...

You heard it here first ladies and gentleman. He wants to "relieve stress" on my ass. You'd better bring a box of Wet Wipes and some flowers. Not like last time when I was asleep and didn't know what was going on...

Princess said...

Jed-What is more important than having drinks with your friends for their birthdays?!?!?!?

You will see Jason more today than I will. By time he gets home from your house doing your special lifting that you do I will be asleep.

Damfino said...

Why did you have to call it "special lifting"?!?! Can you imagine what Kern will do with that?

Kern - I have told you a million times - your pants were dirty and I was trying to clean them for you.


Kern said...

Special, I am going to leave that one alone. It's just too easy.

As far as my pants, I suppose that would explain a lot as far as why they were inside out when I woke up.

Sorry for the extra filth, I just watched The Aristocrats last night, and it had a great effect on me. I have been fighting an urge to spew filthy statements all day long.

FlopTheNuts said...

God damn it, another spelling/proofreading error from me today.

Should be: 'Must've been a case of "thoughTs ahead of the typing" ... '

Hilarious back-and-forths (pun intended) with the innuendos, folks! Keep 'em coming (pun intended again). :)