Friday, November 11, 2005

FREE BEER ... um .. Yesterday

So the Science Center has a program of drinks at the Science Center every third Thursday. So I sort of got dragged along to last night's SCI after 5 for free beer. Now, I am not by nature a beer drinker, so I was not real pumped about last night. BUT I now know that NOTHING is more fun the cheesy scientific demonstrations while drunk!!!! I had several Stouts, messed up displays and ended the night wandering over to the Hessen House for after drinking food (German food is MADE for drunk people!) before going home and falling asleep to Harry Potter.

Which leads me to my point! Next month they are doing wine!!! (Yippeeeee) AND they will have entertainment in the guise of a guy doing Santaland Diaries -- the one man play based on the story by David Sedaris. If you know not who David Sedaris is -- leave the blog NOW!!!

It will be a little early Christmas Present.

I tell you now so that you can make plans to join me. Even you Kern, but not Flop. NEVER Flop. Well, OK Flop can come too!

Here's to a very hungover Friday!


FlopTheNuts said...

I don't like wine anyway!

Who is David Sedaris?


Buttercup said...

Yeah the Thursday thing is something we are going to be able to come to...saracism is dripping. But the Santaland does sound awesome! You just name 2 of my favorite reading materials. Which book are you on????

So I came up with plan to see the Harry Movie. Friday night watch 1 maybe 2 Saturday morning watch 3 and then in the afternoon watch 4.

So did you score with any hot chicks??? & I thought you didn't want to hang around campus?

Damfino said...

Wait wait.... wait.

I think Deit is still drunk.

Flop - how the hell can you not like wine?

Bc - I think you thought this was me posting - ol Deric has not scored with any hot chicks for a while.

Are you guys coming to Des Moines the weekend Potter opens!?!?!?

Holy crap that would be perfect!

Kern said...

I think Deit has still probably had more action with girls than me in recent days.

Thought I would throw that in there before he did.

Preemptive Strike!

I somehow don't think I'll be making it home for the Holidays, either. But I think that would be fun. Sedaris is really cool.

Flop, don't feel too bad about the wine thing. It's not that I don't like it, but it kind of doesn't agree with me quite often. I usually stick to beer and hard alcohol. Especially Irish Whiskey these days. I have turned into quite the Bushmills man!

Damfino said...

Who are you non wine drinking pansies?

Kern said...

You're calling us pansies because we aren't oenophiles?

I don't know too many pansies who drink a lot of whiskey and scotch...

I guess it's kind of sad in a way, because I live relatively close to the Willamette Valley in Oregon which apparently from what I have read, produces some of the nation's finest Pinot Noirs. As a matter of fact, my older sister currently lives near the Argyle winery which I have heard makes some awesome wine. I might give that a try sometime.

Kern said...

By the way, Fino, could you please e-mail me Flop's e-mail. I think he mentioned which one you could send me yesterday, but you had moved on to the spank inducing Melissa George thread. Thanks.

Damfino said...

Sent it this morning

Deit Heimley said...

No, Kern, even YOU have had more hot chicks than I have. Heck, you've probably had more hot guys than I have. OK, maybe not that.

But I can't beleive you guys that don't drink wine.

You know I never liked beer until I had good beer, and bet the same it true with you. You have always probably drank bad, cheap boxed wine. There is a type of wine for any pallet. Trust me. I actually specialize in introducing people to their favorite wine.

Buttercup said...

OOH I am a Tard bean I would also like to include that I am an @ss Monkey. Sorry Deit about the chick reference. Oooh major fopau. Anyway goes back to the What Harry potter????

Yes Jed we are coming for Harry Potter Weekend but I was excited because we are going to see it at a good theater.

Damfino said...

Dobby likes the nice theaters... Dobby expects to see Buttercup and her man (with the girls?).

Kern said...

Thanks Jed.

Deit: It's not that I don't like the taste of wine. For some reason a lot of them cause my system to act weird. Strangely, the same thing happens when I drink regular coffee. If I drink more than a little taste it often causes panic attack like symptoms. Panic attacks suck...they make you feel like you're having a heart attack. Or what I imagine having a heart attack would be like, anyhow. I can sometimes drink Port without too many problems normally, but even that sometimes does weird things.

When I can get away with it, I do like Rieslings to be sure.

Sheriff Officer Greg the Bunny said...

Dobby likes the dental dam...Dobby likes a nice Boston Steamer.....Dobby loves the bucking bronco....Dobby performs a mean filthy sanchez

FlopTheNuts said...

OK, I shouldn't have made a blanket statement - I like the few (4?) sweet ("dessert"?) wines that I've had the opportunity to try.

Otherwise, I'll take my grape juice NONfermented! :)

I have a pretty big sweet tooth when it comes to food, and I guess that just carries over to my taste in drink: Gin & Tonic, Fuzzy Navel, Woodchuck cider, Bacardi Limon and Coke, etc.

On a totally unrelated note, my "Word Verification code" for this post was ticar. Sounds like something sexual, eh? :) And, that's the closest thing to a real word I've gotten thus far.

Kern said...

Sheriff-I'll never watch Harry Potter the same way again. Thanks.

Damfino said...

Flop you are right - mine is ifxnbkrr... and I did that to a chicks ear last week.

She dug it!

Kern said...

Fino, you didn't mention any girls last week. Was this one of the ones you mentioned who had a good personality?

My word is "vohie". That's not so much fun when you're alone.

FlopTheNuts said...

Is this turning into a game of Balderdash?

Kern said...

That is a fun game. You'll have to excuse me, I'm going to put some ointment on my ocjefz.

These verification words are awfully entertaining...

FlopTheNuts said...

YES!! ROFL, Kern!!

I put too much sugar in my nplemfl tea this morning.