Monday, October 24, 2005

Deit Heimley's House of Horrors

As promised to the pleasant Damfinoids, here are the pictures from my weekend.

Here you can all see me in outfit number one. I had ten wigs that I wore in rotation, but I kept going back to this wig for some reason. All that hair ... ah!

Here are two of my Jenn friends. The one in the Delta Burke costume is the purpitrator of the best practical joke ever!!!

Here is Wyatt .. Um ... John Wayne Gasey adding the night's horror.

And here is our unrepentent serial killer being led away by the cops.

Thank god The Captain and Teneil showed up just in time to keep the party rocking.

And we were so glad when our airline stewardess gave the Jello-Shot instructional video. I know I felt safer. Jello-Shots can be dangerous when abused.

All in all, I great time was had by all. I mean when Elvis enters the room, your party can't be that bad!!!


Damfino said...

Dear God Almight.... Wyatt looks absolutely FRIGHTENING!!!!! I have chills... sitting here. Holy crap.

I would have never had trusted a woman with that much cleve slapping me in the face!

Kern said...

Looks like a grand old time. The John Wayne Gacy thing does give me the creeps in an ever so slight way.

What was the deal with all the wigs? Were you supposed to be one person in particular or a myriad of characters?

Damfino said...

In an ever so slight way?!?!?! Tell the truth - you had to wash up.

Deit Heimley said...

I was just having fun. Grab a bunch of wigs some time and try them all on. There is something wonderful about the expirience. Nothing changes your look so quickly and temporarily as a wig.

Yeah, I did not even go into the carzy angle the party turned when four teenage Afgani refugees crashed the party and everyone tried to explain the concept of a Halloween costume party. The oldest one stuck around for a while and hit on all the scantily clad women until his friends came back and dragged him away.

Wyatt made many people forevermore scared of clowns.

Kern said...

The wig thing reminded me of a recent ep of Arrested Development where Tobias goes to a costume shop to buy a wig.

Tobias: I have a big TV opportunity.

Coco: This is where all the big TV's come.

Tobias: Let's start with the Eve Arden...


Deit Heimley said...

Speaking of non sequitor asides, where has Urnotme gone?? I miss the lovely banter between Jed and Dan on these comments.

Kern said...

Hear hear! I've not seen him around forever, save for this one time last week or so when he talking about kicking everyone's ass in fantasy football.